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Welcome to the blog site.....with a difference.


This site is split into different categories, with each category being upated as and when I feel it necessary. Please see the column on the right hand side to see the latest updated article.



If you want to look at the archives, here's what you'll find under each category:



The Comment


An alternative view to the world's headlines, our culture and to our "socially acceptable society"


Social Media: Maxed


Top Social Media tips for your business and personal accounts. This tells you how to take every post you make to the max - so it has the ultimate impact.


The funny bone hurts


An ironic and spossibly sarcastic look at our wonderful every day lives.



Book reviews


If books were edible, this would be your menu of choice. A menu that helps you deviate from the two burgers for 3 option and tuck straight in to the delectable "Tarte aux fraises" of books.











































Current article:


The AV Premier League: 

a simple football-style guide to the May 5th Referendum


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